DEAL TALK – Recently Financed

-AAA Tenanted Building
-Property Currently Under Construction
-Type: Office / Retail
-Location: Surrey
-Financing: Long Term Via Forward Commitment
-Interest Rate: 2.95%
-Term 5 Years
-Structure: Senior Debt

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Financing Available – 2022

Lenders Are Back – Contact Us For:

-Commercial Mortgages – All Property Types
-Construction & Development Financing – Single & Multi Unit
-Business Capital – Mergers, Acquisitions, Expansion & A/R
-Heavy Equipment Loans & Leases
-Strata Loans / Condo Corp Financing

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Financing Available – 2021

Yes, financing is available. Lenders are back & looking at commercial mortgages, construction & project financing, equipment loans & leases as well as strata loans (condo corporation financing).

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RECENTLY FINANCED – Land Development Company

195,000+ sq.ft proposed residential lot subdivision. Financing was for site servicing & creation of residential building lots.

RECENTLY FINANCED – Christian Denominational Church

Financing was provided for property acquisition to accommodate congregational, office and educational space. Financing for non-profits such as churches and schools is available. Contact us for details at or call us at 604-552-4392.

CONSTRUCTION FINANCING – A common question today is about the availability of construction (project) financing.

The short answer is yes!! Lenders are willing to look at construction financing for multi-unit residential, commercial and industrial projects. It boils down to location, demand (sales), market absorption rates, financial strength & experience of sponsorship. Also, at what level of project cost vs finished value is the proposed financing? Contact us for more details and/or to discuss your project at or call us 604-552-4392.